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Summer Classes

July 16-18 & August 20-22

Welcome to EPIC Dance Center


EST. 2011- EPIC Dance Center offers exciting and motivational dance classes for all children ages  2 and up.

Our dance center is a welcoming family. We want our dancers to have fun, build lifelong friendships, feel truly valued, and enjoy the space to discover their passions through movement. At EPIC, we believe dance is more than just movement. 


At EPIC, you’ll learn in a positive, developmentally sound environment with lots of individual attention.

We offer confidence building performance opportunities throughout the year for children of all backgrounds and levels. We believe in performance as a vehicle to increase self-esteem and learning. This allows our students to feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments. We have the pleasure of seeing many of our students overcome their stage freight and become strong and confident performers- a skill which will be helpful to them throughout their lives.

We are a supportive studio, from our teachers, class assistants, and our student body.

Please join us at EPIC Dance Center. Foster a love of dance and a freedom of self-expression through movement. Enjoyment is our #1 priority!

Make your Experience


2024-2025 Season begins September 16, 2024

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