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We believe in providing numerous opportunities for our dancers to shine on stage. We have two annual events put on by the studio but we also actively seek additional performance opportunities. You might have even seen us showcasing our talents at events like the Erie County Fair. We believe in creating an environment where every dancer can flourish and enjoy the journey of dance.

Annual Holiday Showcase

​Our annual December Holiday Shows are a festive celebration, offering family and friends a delightful glimpse into the skills and routines their dancers have been mastering in the first few months of classes.

End of the Year Recital

Our Grand finale arrives in June with the Annual End of Year Recital, a spectacular production that marks the culmination of our dance season.

EPIC Proudly Presented "Live Your Story," on June 15, 2024 at Lackawanna High School! 


We offer unique performance opportunities, including participation in events such as the Erie County Fair and various holiday and summer craft shows. These outings provide our dancers with additional stages to express their passion for dance and engage with the community.



While we do participate in competitions, we want to emphasize that our focus is on community over competition. Competitions, for us, are more about personal growth, pushing boundaries, and celebrating individual achievements. We prioritize the joy of dance, personal bests, the effort put in, and the enjoyment of the performance rather than chasing high scores.

Read about our competition experiences here:

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