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A November to Remember: EPIC Dancers Flourish at Conventions

November was an exhilarating month for our dancers as they embarked on a journey of dance education and inspiration at two outstanding conventions. Let's dive into the memorable experiences that unfolded!

1. Wild Dance Intensive in Buffalo:

Our first adventure took place locally at the Wild Dance Intensive in downtown Buffalo. In a 1 day event EPIC dancers explored diverse styles from the grace of Ballroom with Manny Castro to the urban beats of Street Dance with Carlos Neto, the lineup was nothing short of spectacular. Jazz, Tap, Funk Fusion, Lyrical and Hip Hop rounded out the lineup, providing a rich tapestry of learning. The addition of Ballroom brought a refreshing twist to our repertoire, and dancing alongside new friends from other local studios made it an even more enriching experience.

2. ASH - Artists Simply Human in Pittsburgh:

For our second escapade, we embarked on a 3-day, 2-night journey to ASH in Pittsburgh. This away convention was not just about dance; it was a bonding experience for our dancers. They participated in auditions for scholarships where they learned a choreographed piece and performed for the judges. Beyond dance skills, this experience instills qualities that extend to future job interviews and college applications.

Over two intense days, our dancers delved into classes with industry experts. From Hip Hop with Hannah Gossett to Jazz Funk with Tovaris Wilson, each class brought new insights and challenges. Other classes were Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary.

Beyond the steps and techniques, each class at ASH was overflowing with artistry. Dancers absorbed not only the physicality of dance but also the emotional depth and storytelling potential. Of course, a long weekend isn't complete without downtime. Pool sessions, relaxed dinners, and bonding moments around the hotel added a touch of leisure to the intensity of dance.

The Teacher's Perspective:

Our dedicated teachers didn't just observe; they immersed themselves in the learning experience. Taking notes, participating in classes, and engaging in insightful conversations with other professionals. These conventions served as a melting pot of styles and philosophies, fostering an environment where creativity can flourish and artistic boundaries are pushed. Our teachers came back enriched and inspired.

Looking Ahead:

November has fueled our creativity, and we're eagerly anticipating bringing this inspiration back into the studio. The exposure to different teaching styles, the acquisition of new skills, and the deepening of friendships have left an indelible mark on our dance community.

At EPIC, we believe in the power of continuous learning and the transformative impact of shared experiences. Thank you for being part of our dance family, and we can't wait to see the creativity that unfolds in the studio!

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