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All You Need to Know to Get Started!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

We are thrilled to have you join our dance community! To ensure you have all the information you need, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through this exciting dance journey. Let's dive in!

When do we start?

Our dance season starts in September and continues through June, offering an incredible experience that unfolds across ten months of learning, growth, and performances. We also occasionally offer 4 or 6 week programs throughout the year.

Still Unsure About Dance? No Problem!

For those who are still on the fence about dance, we've got the perfect solution, ask us about a trial class!

How to Sign Up?

Signing up is a breeze! You have multiple options: visit our website for online registration, stop by our studio during our Open House on Sept 13th from 5-7 pm or call us.

Payment Made Easy:

Payment can be made at the studio. We accept cash, check, and Venmo.

We offer 10 month installment plans running Aug-May.

What age groups do you offer dance classes for?

Our dance studio embraces dancers of all ages! We have creative combination classes for the youngest ones, ballet/tap classes for ages 2-4, and tap/jazz classes for ages 5-8. For our dancers ages 5+, we offer a wide range of classes that span various dance styles and levels. For adults we offer dance fitness and occasional barre workouts.

Does my child need any dance experience to join?

Absolutely not! Our dance studio warmly welcomes dancers of all experience levels. Whether your child is a seasoned performer or stepping onto the dance floor for the first time, our instructors are adept at tailoring their approach to accommodate each dancer's abilities.

Class Time and Scheduling

Our schedule is readily available on our website and displayed at the studio. Simply match your child's desired classes with their age and fill out the registration sheet accordingly. If our instructors feel that your child might benefit from a different class based on their level, they'll let you know.

Dress Code and What to Bring

Our clothing sheet, provided with the registration paperwork, outlines what's acceptable for each class. The fitted clothing style ensure proper technique and form during dance instruction.

  • Girls: any style, any color leotard and tights should be worn for all classes [with the exception of Hip Hop*] and proper dance shoes. This may be substituted with a tight fitted tank top and dance shorts.

  • Boys: Tight fitted t-shirts or tank top along with shorts above the knee or dance pants and proper dance shoes.

  • Shoes: Please check your registration paperwork for what shoes are required.

* Hip Hop- Students may wear loose fitting dance sweats, etc. No jeans or shorts. INDOOR SNEAKERS ONLY PLEASE.

Watch Days and Class Cancellation

We kindly ask parents and caregivers to stay in the lobby during classes to minimize distractions for our dancers. However, we understand your eagerness to see your child shine, and we host "Parent Watch Days" during the season, where you'll have the chance to observe classes. As for class cancellations due to snow or weather conditions, we will announce any changes through the Remind app, email, and our social media pages. We don't always follow school closings, so it's essential to check our channels for updates.

How can I stay updated on important dates and studio events?

Communication is key! We keep our dance families well-informed through various channels, including emails, newsletters, and our website. Additionally, our studio notice board will display essential information, ensuring you're always in the loop about upcoming events and class updates.

Have More Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us anytime! You can visit our studio in person, give us a call at 716.777.2010, or send an email to We're here to assist and guide you through every step of your dance journey.

Get Ready to Dance, Dream, and Discover with Us!

We can't wait to see you shine on the dance floor and embark on an unforgettable dance adventure together. Welcome to the Epic Dance Center family 🧡

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