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Our Wonderful Holiday Shows!

What an incredible weekend it was at our Holiday Shows! The atmosphere was electric, with both shows drawing a full house. The basket raffle was a hit, and if you haven't grabbed your basket yet, swing by the studio – they're patiently waiting for you!

Our baskets were a delightful mix of themes – from toys and winter accessories to Bills gear, makeup and spa sets, and even some wine. And let's not forget the refreshment area – a hotspot indeed. Cookies, cupcakes, coffee, hot chocolate, and juice were flying off the shelves. The push pops were a particular favorite – note to self: stock up more for next year! Kristelle Designs showcased their wide range of products. Ornaments, Shirts, Sweaters, Pants and more were available. If you didnt have a chance to stop by, you didn't miss out! They have a catalog you can order from, just ask for it at the studio.

Now, onto the main event – the dances! Parents, friends, and families gathered to watch our dancers light up the stage. Our little dancers stole hearts with their cuteness, showcasing the joy of dance with every step. Shoutout to our hip hop and breaking dancers who have made astounding progress in just a few short months – their energy and passion were electrifying. For the students in our technique class, your hard work and dedication showed in your dances. And let's not forget those shining moments when some of our dancers showcased their vocal talents by singing on stage during the audience's arrival – a heartwarming addition to our show. We also had a suprise visit from Santa and everyone got a candycane treat!

We're immensely proud of each and every dancer who graced the stage, it's clear that this year's June recital is shaping up to be nothing short of EPIC.

For those who want to relive the magic, we're still taking orders for the DVD/USB video this week.

A massive shoutout to our fantastic teachers, assistants, and volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this show a seamless experience. Epic job, dancers – you truly stole the spotlight!

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