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National Dance Week 2024

This week is about to spreading the delight and joys of dancing, and to create awareness about its impact and benefits.

History of Dance

As far as we can tell, dance has been around all over the world since the most primitive of human civilizations: early cave paintings seem to depict dancing figures as early as 3300 BC. Early on, dance seemed to primarily be used for ceremonial purposes or to communicate stories. Dance styles have changed through history, but dance itself remains one of the most expressive physical art forms.

History of National Dance Week

National Dance Week was founded in 1981 by a group of dance-related organizations to increase awareness about dance and its contributions to our national culture, and bring greater recognition to it as an art form. The week is sponsored by the United Dance Merchants of America to increase public awareness and the appreciation of various forms of dance.


  • Get dancing Whether its in your living room, at the studio, or in the park, take some time to dance your heart out and celebrate the joy of movement.

  • Dance appreciation Dedicate time this week to appreciate the contributions of renowned dancers, choreographers, and dance companies. Share biographies, videos and quotes from influential figures in the dance world.

  • Share your favorite dance videos Show your love for dance by sharing your favorite dance videos. It could be a past performance, a fun tutorial or a heartwarming dance moment.

  • Teach dance moves to others This is a great opportunity to share your passion for dance with others. Teach a friend a simple routine or help with a dance workshop, sharing your knowledge and skills can inspire others to discover the joy of dance.

National Dance Week is a time of inspiration, creativity, and community, reminding us of the power of dance to uplift spirits, connect people, and spread joy. So let's keep dancing, celebrating and spreading the joy of dance wherever we go.

To read more about why we think Dance is Awesome read our blog post here:

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