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Unveiling the Heartbeat of EPIC Dance Center

While you see the dancers on stage, the teachers in action, and the joy that fills our studio, there's a world behind the scenes that powers the magic of EPIC Dance Center. Recently, some of our dedicated staff embarked on a weekend adventure into the vibrant dance world, attending seminars and exploring new horizons to further their education. It's these moments that inspire us to share the heart and soul of what makes EPIC so exceptional.

A Quest for Knowledge and Excellence

Our staff is driven by a desire to improve. Beyond keeping up with the latest dance trends, they dedicate themselves to providing our dancers with invaluable guidance that nurtures their growth as artists and individuals. It's not just about teaching dance; it's about ensuring that they are safe, both physically and mentally. We prioritize not only their dance technique but their overall well-being.

The Importance of Dance Floors

Our dance floors are designed to protect our dancers from potential joint and ligament injuries, especially during jumps, leaps, and intricate routines. In each studio room we offer different flooring surfaces, allowing our dancers to experience the nuances of each, contributing to their well-rounded dance education.

Nurturing Physical and Mental Health

Our teachers focus on correcting dance technique in class ensuring dancers learn the right way from the beginning, reducing the risk of future injuries. We take safety seriously and would be devastated to see someone get hurt. We also pay close attention to our dancers' mental health throughout the year, understanding that stress or emotional struggles can sometimes run deeper. We watch for signs and take proactive steps to ensure our dancers' mental health is well-cared for.

A Journey of Progression

We believe in a holistic approach to dance education. Our journey begins with our creative combination classes, often referred to as "combo" classes. These classes, starting with our 2-4 year-old dancers in tap/ballet combos, lay the foundation for dance education. It's about instilling the joy of rhythm and movement, helping our little dancers understand how to control their bodies. As they progress, our 3rd-year combo dancers advance to tap/jazz combos, delving deeper into techniques and terminology.

By age 5, they can explore a variety of other classes, such as ballet, acro, hip hop, contemporary, breakin', or another year of tap/jazz combo. While starting in combo classes isn't mandatory, it's a wonderful way to begin a dance journey when they're still very young.

Working with Special Needs Kids

Our dedication to dance for everyone also extends to working with special needs children. Our teachers regularly update their teaching methods to provide the best possible service. We know that dance is an enriching experience for all so we're always open to feedback and adapting to make sure everyone enjoys the magic of dance.

EPIC's Community Involvement

Throughout the dance season, we host workshops that cover a wide range of dance styles, from acro to hip hop, ensuring that there's something for everyone in our community. We also have various workshops and fitness dance classes for adults. These are both affordable and accessible, opening the doors to the joy of dance for everyone of all ages.

Communication with Parents and Caregivers

Open communication with parents/caregivers is important to us. We're dedicated to sharing your child's victories and milestones as they spend a significant amount of time with us throughout the year. We're also committed to working with you to navigate our studio policies. We understand that policies and guidelines can raise questions or concerns, that's why we're always here to chat and provide answers. We encourage parents to reach out with any inquiries or thoughts you may have.

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we're committed to making sure every parent feels informed, supported, and connected to their child's dance journey.

Age-Appropriate Costumes and Dances

We're committed to age-appropriate choices in both costumes and choreography. We believe in cherishing childhood and ensuring that our dancers enjoy their experience in a wholesome environment.

Community Over Competition

Community takes precedence over competition. While we do participate in conventions and competitions where our dancers can shine, it's not the sole focus of our dance studio. We aim to instill values of support and upliftment among our dancers, fostering an atmosphere of friendly competition. We value creating connections, not only within our own family of dancers but also with other studios. These connections can open doors to networking opportunities for our dancers' future endeavors.

We are determined not to be a studio that resembles the drama-filled portrayal of dance in popular culture. We strive for inclusivity, where everyone feels welcomed and embraced, fostering a sense of belonging akin to family.

This was just a brief glimpse of everything we do and stand for but we hope it provided you with valuable insight into our studio. At EPIC we're dedicated to offering the best dance experience we can provide to our students, while fostering a family like, uplifting environment.

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